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Tossing and turning, shallow breaths, an overwhelming feeling that something isn’t quite right forces me into conversation with God.

I prayed before becoming an Avon lady and really was enjoying it until THE PHRASE Avon Lady defined me! Do not misunderstand me , There is nothing wrong with being an Avon lady. I am just so much more. I am an Artist, a writer, a mom and a wife. I have a health and supplement business, I LOVE Jesus and the bible! What started this uneasiness? The answer is just to easy….. NAMING my business. I had to have a name for my business account so I just put down Arlene’s Avon. When you put a name on something you label it , and therefore you LIMIT it! I could go on about this, but Ill keep it short and to the point. Today Danny Silk was speaking at Bethel Church and I was watching.  He began to speak about the angel of the Lord. In the old testament people would ask him his name and he would not tell them. One time He spoke this : “Why do you ask me my name I am all wonderful.” Danny said that in Hebrew the word wonderful means limitless.
This rocked me to my core! God must of been paying attention to my prayers——— AGAIN!
I have been  hearing the word multifaceted for a while now and finally looked it up.




multifaceted. adjective mul·ti·fac·e·ted -ˈfa-sə-təd : having many different parts : having many facets.

God has made me to be all that I am. I carry His DNA inside me and every project I do every job, every passion that’s in me from Him should have expression! I don’t want people to see my post and say OH NO she’s going to try and get me to buy Avon again, or hear my name and think Avon. I am so much more then what I do. Right now this is my job. I will not be discouraged by fear that others wont like me because I try and sell something. You buy things all the time, why NOT buy it from someone you know. Any way that is another subject. (that was a little rabbit trail) I’m back on subject now. I will not be defined by my job …. It does not have me I have it! It is part of what I do. I am praying right now for a new business name One that doesn’t confine me to one part of one thing I do. Thank you for listening. I hope this has spoke to you in some way about what may be defining you. If not It helped me.

Have a great week Dear ones. Remember God wants to have a real relationship with you. He wants to tell you how much He loves you and He longs to bless you!


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