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Sometimes you only think you know. Sometimes you only THINK you see what’s really going on.
The bible is clear that only God knows someone’s heart.

Even if you are given a word from God for someone …. the words that you hear God say and are spoken through you may take on a whole different meaning to the one you are to speak them to.  
So although God MAY give you a glimpse of someone’s life …you still only know in part.

Do you desire to have the gift of prophecy? Then LOVE the people God made. The ones you think you know something about.

Remember dear one God behaves like a gentleman with our hearts.
He doesn’t uncover your dirt or sin to someone that would hurt you, so He’s not going to uncover someone else’s dirt or sin to you, unless He can trust you, right?

Remember DEAR ones Its so easy to judge others by what they do as we judge ourselves by our intentions. Be ever mindful of this. The person in front of you right now is so important to God! He has  a relationship with them, where ever it may be. NO matter where they are in that process they belong to HIM.

I have seen some well meaning Christians use Gods word to wound others. I have even sat under this teaching before. (not good)

Different people have different purposes or gifts. Different gifts take different training, and different training yields different results.

I do not know where God has you or why He has you where you are, I only know He does and He loves you.

In His love

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