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I believe We have a purpose for every place we go. Every Where we are,we are to be doing the Fathers work.  I see it like this we are to take with us parts of HIS Kingdom and little by little consistently build. Today my assignment was to go to  my dentist. Really it was. I knew that because  I  had a tooth ache.  The pain got to bad for me to ignore, so I knew that God was calling me to go to the dentist. OK so let me first say God did not give me a tooth ache, BUT I had one and God knows who my dentist is so it was obvious to me where He wanted me to go right?  I didn’t have to try and figure it out. Sometimes life is a bit more simple then we make it. and we don’t have to analyze everything.

 My Dentist fit me in even though they were packed with appointments. They told me that  I would  have to wait to get in because they were very busy. I was just thankful they could accommodate my emergency. I did have to wait……… and wait and wait and WAIT. They apologized over and over and seemed sorta anxious and hurried. I would just smile and reassure them that I did appreciate them for letting me come in. After they took my x-rays the server went down so the dentist didn’t get to see them, (my x rays not my teeth) She seemed really upset that she didn’t get to see them and asked me to wait even longer. She needed to see them before she could diagnose any thing.  She checked my teeth with her tools and left for a bit after letting me know AGAIN how bad she felt that I had to wait so long and about the SERVER being down. While  I was sitting there I began to pray in tongues. A little whilke after I prayed I notice the pain was GONE all the way. I have been praying for DAYS! I have been on my face crying out to Him. I had people pray for me, and  lay hands on me but my teeth still hurt BUT after I say a tiny little whispering prayer to Daddy God ….THE PAIN LEAVES??? OK so I learned a LOOOOng time ago to pay attention to what catches my attention. I asked Him like this “Lord why am I here today?”  Other then my teeth anyway. I immediately prayed for peace in that place and asked God to fix the server. Now the server had been down for over an hour,and  about 30 seconds after I prayed for the server   It was back up!!!!! GOD IS SO COOL! He loves to do this stuff I know He does! The atmosphere was noticeably different and I knew I had brought the Kingdom with me! How great is that?

 God wants us to partner with Him in everyday things. We build His Kingdom by being who we are called to be, everywhere we are called to be. Its not about being a freaky Christian and making people feel weird around you. Its about being Gods children and being aware that we bring His Presence every where we go. Its about every day things. Its about living the life God has for us. again EVERYWHERE  WE GO We are there to bring another part of the Kingdom. Where are you today ? Look around and see. Ask Daddy God to show you what your part is where ever you are at. He will show you. Hes good like that. He wants us to build His Kingdom here …after all that’s why we are here. We all have a part. If we all do a little bit everyday the world WILL change we WILL see His Kingdom!

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