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2014 Air races

2014 Reno Air Races
It’s amazing how God multiplies our resources no matter how little we THINK we have! We just take what we do have and hand it to God and then watch as He uses every ounce to His glory. In my time with God on Tuesday or Wednesday  of this last week I was praying for the air races when I believe I heard God say:” I have divine appointments set for David this week all he has to do is watch for them.”  I immediately sent a text to David so he could have it in writing.
It’s no secret that David loves planes and flying but not many know that we have had a dream for a long time that is attached to flying and having our own planes. We felt we couldn’t move forward in this yet because of where our family was at the time and is now.( We have been raising special need kids for 27 years ) Imagine then the temptation to feel jealousy toward Phil and Jessica Vana . They have 3 beautiful kiddoes and are about to fly away to Indonesia to be missionaries with M.A.F.
 M.A.F. stands for Mission aviation fellowship.
When we are tempted to sin in any way I believe God always gives us an easy way out.  That’s right I said easy. Sometimes it’s just a matter of the way we turn our emotions.  Whatever we focus on WILL become bigger. As soon as I had felt jealousy make its way to me I knew if I let this seed grow it would become resentment and bitterness SOOOO Right away I chose   to LOVE this family and pray for them. We pray for them often.  We haven’t really gotten to know them the way we would like to, but still feel we are part of what they are doing.  This week there were many divine appointments but at this time I am going to speak of the pleasure of getting to host the Vanas’ and the amazing people in M.A.F.
David called me and was super stoked! (I don’t know if people say that any more) He told me that not only did he get to see and talk to the Vanas’ but that we were going to be hosting them in the hanger all week!
Now this is huge people BECAUSE the hanger we enjoy every year- that hanger we get to put our beautiful 1946 Taylor Craft – The very hanger we got to use to bring Gods missionaries in out of the sun so they could eat and cool off DOES NOT BELONG TO US!
Our Dear friends   Bill and Sue own it! They are the most hospitable people I think I have ever met. Now I wasn’t there when the hanger was offered but when talking to Sue about having them come in all week to refresh she said -we believe in what they do. That was it pure and simple. I only had a brief time with this family (Vanas’) but feel so blessed to be able to be with them for whatever time I did get.  It’s really ok that we haven’t lived our entire dream yet. It’s okay that we are where we are right now.

Jessica and Adelina Vana signing autographs for the book Jess wrote.

 We have now begun to move forward in every area of our life.  Our hope was sick and we as a family have gone through some horrendous battles. BUT God has brought us through and I believe we are on the other side now. I believe that God DOES have a plan for us and Dear ones I believe a big part of moving forward is rejoicing with our brothers and sisters even if they have the very blessing or ministry you have been praying for! Even if you have been praying for it for YEARS! I am in awe of all the divine appointment’s God set up for us this week and in my heart I know I am hearing God say…. “Darlin you haven’t seen anything yet!”  I have to go now and get ready for today I hope you have an incredible week this week with many divine appointments. Keep your eyes open and just look for what God is doing. Give Him whatever you have no matter how little you THINK it is. He can make glory out of anything!

We give Him our little and He multiplies it into His MUCH.  See you soon!

Arlene, Misner

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