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In Geneses 3 it describes the serpent as more subtle and crafty than any other creature! I wonder how long it took him to convince Eve that God was holding out on her. I wonder also how long it has taken the same serpent to beguile me and convince me that all of the things I see available for my sisters ARE NOT available for me.  How does he seduce us in believing his lies? Sometimes our life experience help him in convincing us that all the promises are for others but that for us God is holding out.


This is a fact in my life that I am exposing and evicting. When I feel like the promises are not available to me I become over whelmed. When I am overwhelmed I then become my own God and attempt to control everything around me. I become difficult or should I say unbearable to live with.  I will micromanage all around me so that my world can seem like it has order. It never really gets to that place of order my way though. When I am able to let go of control and leave it in God’s hands TRUSTING that He has good plans for me and  TRUSTING the truth that Jesus died so that I may have abundant life. In John 10 verse 10 it says the thieves comes to steal kill and destroy, but Jesus comes that I may have life to the full! When I am able to fully walk in that, my life and its circumstances may not look different I may not have that perfect order I long for but I have peace. I need reminders sometimes daily that left in Gods control I can have the peace and ultimately living inside that peace WILL change my life and eventually will move from the inside out.  Order does not come from a perfect life or by me doing everything perfectly. Order or Peace comes from a broken heart given completely over to God.  


I’m not sure this is speaking to anyone but me but that’s all right. I’ve heard many preachers say they were preaching to themselves if no one else was getting healed they were.


I declare life abundant all over me right now! (If this is speaking to you dear one then you declare it also). I thank You Jesus CHRIST that you died for me to have the full life God created me for. I am by faith trusting that your word is full of promises for ME! I will not envy my sister because of her beauty or favor I will celebrate with her and ask you to reveal my own beauty to me and others. I completely trust your hands in my life. I am the clay and I trust the hands that mold me into a vessel of significance and beauty a rare and beautiful gift to others. I can express a part of your heart that no one else can.   I am fearfully and wonderfully made and all your promises are mine not because of what I can do, but because of what you have already done on behalf of me! I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength and I can walk from glory to glory. You are my God and I will have no other besides you. Give me a pure heart and change me daily closer and closer to the image of Jesus! IN JESUS NAME AMEN> I declare FAVOR, OPEN HEAVENS< ABUNDANCE< PROSPERITY< HEALTH AND WHOLENESS IN JESUS NAME!

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